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Known across the world for her strong, soulful, anointed voice, Chrishon B. Smith has made serving God the focal point of her life. Her life has been an amazing journey of triumph, testimonies, and unmerited favor. 


Born in Greensboro, Alabama, Chrishon Brown Smith is a Wife, Mother, Minister, Songwriter, and Life Coach.  Chrishon comes from a large family as she is the eighth of her Mother’s nine children, and fifth of her Father’s ten children.  In middle school, she met the love of her life, Terrence Smith, Sr. and in 1996, they married. Together, they share two children, Terrence Smith Jr and Crystal Smith. Family is her first and most important ministry. In fact, family has always been central to her success as one of gospel’s most admired and anointed vocalists in Gospel Music.


Chrishon began singing at the early age of 5.  Her love for music as well as the calling on her life became apparent as she and her little sister Mesha, began singing duets around town and the surrounding areas. They would sing and the holy ghost would take over. This birthed and later formed The Anointed Brown Sisters which consisted of Chrishon and 3 of her sisters. The group later included her daughter Crystal Smith. The group has released three projects: ‘Philippians 4:13’ (2001), ‘Crossing Over and Moving On’ (2005), and ‘He Worked It Out’ (2011). Chrishon wrote and/or arranged 99% of each project, and in 2019, they released their hit single entitled ‘I Need Jesus’. 


In May 2019, Chrishon accepted the call to preach and delivered her first public sermon in November 2019. While she’s proud of the many accolades she’s received over the years from trophies to plaques to keys to different cities, she remains humble as she always remembers these wise words from her Mother: “Don’t let this shiny trophy or shiny paper make you forget why you do what you do and who gave you that anointing.” 


After 2020, a year of uncertainty and prayer, Chrishon is excited about 2021. She is releasing new music with the feeling of Sunday morning service entitled “Good Morning Jesus” and her first workbook “My Mother’s Philosophy: The Spiritual Workbook”. As an artist with a focus on bringing souls to Christ.  As a Life Coach with a focus on Life, Spiritual and Relationship Building, her mission is to “Sow as I Grow” and “Do Life Together” with those who are connected to her. Chrishon is still loving her family, doing ministry, looking forward to more traveling with the Anointed Brown Sisters, embarking on her new journey as a life coach, and simply being in the will of God. 

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